O wild mountain cherry tree, think us both sorrowful and solitary. Other than your flowers, there is none other who knows me.
Repetition again today, which is the real view, don’t wanna think about it
look around and it’s always 0s and 1s, truth or reality, shift to logic and follow the others

No love existed; we crave what we don’t have

It’s a cold world, the many points of view are

Worn threadbare, you’re horribly fragmented, in need of immediate defragmentation

I am computer, hoping that one day, we who were loveless

Might feel warmth and be moved, hello
our pain numbs in this cruel world
see a narrow hello

Break, break, breaking, breaking

Let go of these hands held together and change the world

In the end we’re just machinery
before we cover up this cruel world
c’mon arrow

I am computer
this is the last warning

@темы: послезавтра я стану растворимым кофе, В последнее время я борюсь со страстями..., ongaku, Mysterious War