O wild mountain cherry tree, think us both sorrowful and solitary. Other than your flowers, there is none other who knows me.
Идеальные песни в этом месяце. Так сказать, отражают то, что происходит. Слишком хорошо отражают.

Someone laughed, someone looked at me and laughed
I can't take in the sadness
I floated in the crowd of colourful people
The only one who had lost my colour
With the twilight pushing me on

Body warmth that covers the pain
I can't control my urges, I want to sleep
My sadness is just beginning

I fit truth
Into the words I can’t say

Let’s all search together
For the light hidden in the same darkness
Please, before the morning comes
I just want to hold your hand
On the line between pleasure, fear and loneliness

@темы: ongaku