O wild mountain cherry tree, think us both sorrowful and solitary. Other than your flowers, there is none other who knows me.
Китайская песня Ван Фэй под настроение

The clock in my heart ticks away
Counting down each moment
Preparing for the end of the trip
Well aware there's no unwaking dream
Good times end
Much like vacations end
In a silent stupor, I await it
As though rushing for school bells,
announcing that all will be repeated
Light fades and good times will end soon enough
Indulge all you can now
Be happy all you can now
Remember all you can now
But you still need to return home

The brilliant vacation ends
Can't extend the holiday
Even if it ends forever
I wouldn't think it rare
Give your heart a break
At least you've had a gulp of fresh air
How can life be all happy stories,
happy stories, happy stories

Pack up the overweight luggage
Bunk out on a plane back home
In the countdown, won't forget each minute and second
This world will be, will be,
so beautiful, so beautiful, so beautiful
But can't compare to this week

No one can prevent parting
Treat it as some accidental vacation
Treat it as a break in the gruelling days
I once loved you

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