O wild mountain cherry tree, think us both sorrowful and solitary. Other than your flowers, there is none other who knows me.
Ayu: But don't you ever get lonely, sensei?
Professor Hanamoto: Hm? Sure I do. But it's just loneliness. Nothing more and nothing less. It kinda rushes over you sometimes, like a wave. But then it recedes again. It's just this continual ebb and flow.
Ayu: Forever … and … ever?
Professor Hanamoto: Well, once you a while you get a tsunami-sized one that'll wrench your heart out and smash it onto the rocks. You have nights where you howl with anguish and desolation. Yeah, you get those once in a while too. But hey … it's just loneliness. It doesn't kill you or anything.

(c) Honey & Clover

И Кику из ракуго. Из-за которого сегодня я вспомнила эту цитату.

@музыка: Faye Wong - 矜持

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