O wild mountain cherry tree, think us both sorrowful and solitary. Other than your flowers, there is none other who knows me.

Have we been lead
Into an illusion...?

Everyone is toyed with day in and day out without end
We keep seeking love as though we depend on it and wander aimlessly
This armour meant to seal my heart forever
Will create a different me before I know it

Beautiful and in full bloom, these flowers have a strong fragility
Their hidden thorns have already broken, so nothing can be done...
We're caught in the chaos

Unable to take in sadness or hatred, we all embrace
Shadows while we sleep and seek "tranquility" from within a mirror
Break out now - light shines from a meager place
Now that I have released my captive heart

I reached out my hand when I found the real me
The light and the dark melt together to become one
Like an illusion in the chaos

What's important has been forgotten somewhere
We keep looking for it as we flow by like drifters
Even if the sins we carry are far too heavy
If we don't come to realise anything, time will pass us by

People must go on living forever, no matter what
Until the day they find their answers
I'm going - even though just a fraction of light has entered
This meager place, it will guide my captive heart

I reached out my hand when I found the real me
As though I were being drawn to the light and the dark
I wanted to become a flower that was beautiful and in full bloom
Even if it meant that my hidden thorns were hurting someone...
We're illusions in the chaos

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